Preliminary Rules

Preliminary Rules/Criteria; subject to change.

Annual Chowder Challenge

Competition Date: June TBA, 2020


Preliminary Judges Scorecard


Competition Rules

  • The competition is one hour long plus public serving time.
  • Chowder must contain any combination of BC oysters, BC clams and/or BC mussels.
  • The seafood component of the registrant’s chowder may contain any of the following sustainable BC shellfish and seafood: Pacific cod, sidestripe shrimp, humpback shrimp, pink shrimp, spot prawns, clams, oysters, mussels, farmed scallops, wild pink and spiny scallops, Pacific halibut, Pacific salmon, Dungeness crab and sablefish.
  • Participants are encouraged to source as many ingredients within the Comox Valley as possible
  • Competitor attire and demeanour shall be in keeping with the occasion, representing themselves, their business, their province and any sponsoring organization to the best of their ability
  • Competitors are permitted to utilize their own equipment during preparation, but all chowders must be served in an 8-10L stainless steel pot
  • Chowders will be heated, plated and garnished on premises. A single burner stove and serving bowls will be provided
  • The decisions of the judges shall be final
  • Contestants are responsible for cleaning up their cooking areas

Provided to participant:

  • A cooking surface to reheat chowder
  • A soup bowl to serve the judges
  • Sample cups and spoons for spectators
  • For out of town chefs; a kitchen to cook chowder prior to event can be secured.


Judging – Best Chowder

  • Chowder will be judged on flavour, consistency, appearance and overall appeal.
  • Each contestant will receive a judging cup prior to the judging period. It will be the responsibility of the head chef to deliver the chowder to the judging area. Remember to save 16 oz of chowder for the final round of judging in the case of a tie.
  • Best Chowder award is determined by the scores from each judge.
  • People’s Choice award is determined by votes from the public.
  • The scores from each judge and the public will be tallied and the chowder with the highest total score will be announced shortly after the competition ends.

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