A Brunch Seafood Cookout

This isn’t your typical Sunday morning brunch! Grab your friends to come rub shoulders and get schooled by top international and domestic seafood chefs Abby Ferrer, Star Noodle, Hawaii; Scott Schneider, Ai Fiori, The Langham, New York; Quang Dang, Araxi Restaurant, Whistler; hosted by Chef Nathan Fong. Guests will experience a hands-on, intimate VIP cooking experience creating AND eating a Portuguese Chorizo, Mussels and Clams dish. … and it doesn’t stop there! Two award-winning Mixologists, Sabrine Dhaliwal, UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar, Vancouver and Amber Bruce, Keefer Bar, Vancouver, will prepare cocktails to set-off your brag-worthy seafood in style. While groups prepare their dishes, Chefs will also demonstrate the preparation of other incredible BC seafood brunch dishes.

Participating Mixologists and Chefs!

Photo of Nathan Fong

Nathan Fong

Fong on Food - Vancouver, BC

Scott Schneider

Ai Fiori, The Langham Hotel - New York, NY, USA

Abby Ferrer

Star Noodle - Lahaina, HI, USA

Sabrine Dhaliwal

Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar - Vancouver, BC

Amber Bruce

The Keefer Bar - Vancouver, BC

Quang Dang

Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar - Whistler, BC

Tim Ho

The Food Gallery, The Langham - Hong Kong, China