MasterClass Series

Top BC seafood Chefs team up with seafood industry associations to present a series of interactive, educational and FUN MasterClasses. From oysters to sablefish, from prawns to geoduck, – the MasterClass series is a shuck-tastic way to learn how to get a little more succulent seafood into your repertoire and spirit into your step.

Note: please arrive 15 minutes before your MasterClass.


Tickets once purchased are non-refundable, but you can transfer your tickets.

Friday, June 21

Early Bird Gets the Seafood MasterClass

Presented by Wayward Distillery

Make your own delicious seafood cocktail and a small plate of seafood to swoon over.

Ceviche & Sparkling MasterClass

Mix together a top seafood chef, with a whole lotta succulent BC seafood, and this MasterClass will be sure to take your ceviche making skills to the next level. A chef will share their expertise and tricks of the trade to guide guests in preparing their own incredible seafood Ceviche to ensure guests can wow their friends with their ceviche making prowess this summer. An award-winning BC wine producer will pour and share their secrets behind a great BC sparkling to pair with Ceviche!


Saturday, June 22

Dig Deep – The Geoduck, Wine & Sampling MasterClass

Presented by the Underwater Harvesters Association, dive a little deeper into one of BC’s most prestigious and sought-after seafood products! Grab your friends and get schooled about the geoduck clam fishery. Guests will learn how to prepare this delicious seafood delicacy (paired with wine tasters!) from a top chef while understanding more about the complexities of the fishery. This class will leave your taste buds happy as a clam!

Geoduck from Canada is a premium seafood delicacy harvested on the West Coast of Canada. Geoducks are the largest burrowing clams in the world. The Underwater Harvesters Association (UHA) is a non-profit association formed in 1981. The UHA represents the 55 British Columbia geoduck licence holders, 550 quota block holders, First Nations, exporters, and boat crews in managing and marketing the fishery.

Discover Sablefish – Immerse yourself in our Pacific Deep Waters MasterClass

Presented by the Canadian Sablefish Association

Join Bob Fraumeni and Chef expertly butcher a fresh, whole sablefish from nose to tail and demonstrates how to prepare this unique local fish like a pro in your own kitchen. Cook together with Chef and learn to create restaurant-level dishes that you can add to your repertoire of hit meals at home.

Because Sablefish is so rich, it can benefit from salty or acidic flavorings to cut the natural oils. Ginger and soy sauce are good complements. A popular preparation of sablefish in Japan is Sake Kasu, in which sablefish is marinated in a sake-based paste and then grilled. The meat is excellent for barbecuing, as it browns nicely and stays moist and tender. It’s also a good candidate for smoking.

Oyster Rockefeller MasterClass

Presented by BC Shellfish Growers Association, sponsored by Effingham Oyster

The ultimate gift for a foodie, dive into our festive Oyster Rockefeller MasterClass and will give you all the tricks of the trade for your next oyster party. Each Guest will receive a complimentary glass of chilled white wine on arrival, 6 local raw oysters and 3 Cooked Oyster Rockefeller.

It’s one of the most popular seafood appetizers in the world and it’s not difficult to make. Join this hands-on MasterClass to learn how to choose the right oysters, collect ingredients and plan your prep “Mise en Place” – Everything in its Place. Shucker Paddy will demonstrate how to shuck with a standard oyster knife.

Whether you’re a food fanatic or planning on shucking and serving up oysters for a favourite someone, this MasterClass is a perfectly “shellfish” way to enjoy our favourite molluscs!

Mystery MasterClass Announced! There’s Something About Scallops

Did you know that BC has a wild scallop fishery? Join scallop fisher Melissa Collier and the talented Chef Will Lew as you discover local scallops fished off Quadra Island. For anyone who has seen Chef Will Lew work his magic, you know he doesn’t create anything without a story to tell. So come immerse yourself in this MasterClass and experience the succulent taste of swimming scallops while learning about this unique and incredible small scale fishery.

Prawn to be Wild – Our West Coast Treasure – Beheaded MasterClass

Presented by the Pacific Prawn Fishermen’s Association

Join this hands-on MasterClass to understand why BC Spot Prawns are one of the most popular and celebrated seafood options! Learn how to remove the heads, prepare the tails, cook, taste and freeze. Chefs will educate guests on the sustainability of the fishery and the best ways to prepare BC Spot Prawns this summer!

Spot Prawns are the largest shrimp species found in BC waters and are known around the world for their flavour, freshness, and quality.


Sunday, June 23

Crab MasterClass

Presented by BC Crab Fishermen’s Association

Part of our mission at the BC Seafood Festival is to bring you together with the seafood industry and Chefs who will pass on deep knowledge and skills.  We know it’s not easy to plan a crab dinner for your in-laws, but with this amazing species available fresh in a market near to you – it’s time to break down any misconceptions around this succulent seafood and not look like a crab when you are planning your next family dinner.

Guest will receive a paired cocktail to kick things off and then learn of the rich and fascinating history of the often-overlooked, sustainable Dungeness crab fishery in BC Coastal waters.

Through the direction of experts of the industry and with the skillful leadership of the Chefs, guests will learn the best way to buy, breakdown, prep, and cook BC Dungeness Crab in this fast action timed event.

Taste the Forgotten 5 MasterClass

The seafood industry on the coast of BC is largely based on the consumption of the common species vs what could be supplied as a “catch of the day”. Join this MasterClass to learn more about the high-quality range of the lesser known and consumed pacific seafood: Petrale sole, Rockfish, Lingcod, Skate and dogfish.

The Grande Finale – Leaning Towers of Seafood MasterClass

All chefs in the kitchen – taste the towers and learn how to make them at home.

In this entertaining and interactive multi-level Seafood Tower, hands-on MasterClass, it’s a race to the top to build your own seafood tower and “fish” for the top prize for your group. All it takes is a little preparation, creativity and artistic assembly skills (we will help on that).

Conquer your seafood cooking anxieties with seafood chefs and industry that will guide you on selecting and preparing seafood while sharing pro-tips and techniques that will amaze your guests when you try this tower at home for a romantic date night or at your next New Year’s Eve dinner party.

Guests will receive a celebration paired wine to toast the winning group and the close of the 2024 BC Seafood Festival.


Please note – circumstances beyond the Festival’s control may result in a change in Chefs, and potential changes in MasterClass times.