Getting Involved


Thank you to the incredible volunteers that made the BC Seafood Festival the shucktastic success it was in 2018. Check back for Volunteer Registration opening in early 2019.

Signature Weekend Booth Registration

First come first serve booth space renewals will be opened soon. Check back in early September to register your Tasting Booth, Beverage Booth or Interactive Display for the BC Seafood Festival Signature Weekend, June 14-16, 2019.

Sponsoring the Festival

View the new 2019 BC Seafood Festival Sponsorship & Participation package here.


The Festival’s competitions are growing in popularity and prizes. Check back in January to register for the incredible line up of competitions and check the galleries as follows that capture some of the excitement from 2018!

BC Seafood on your Plate

Are you a BC restaurant that offers fresh seafood on your menu or fresh sheet? Participate in the BC Seafood on Your Plate campaign, June 8 – 17, 2018!

Check back later to read about marketing opportunities!

Media Accreditation

View the growing media coverage for the BC Seafood Festival, its producers, chefs and partners here. Media Accreditation will open in January 2019 – thank you in advance for your interest.

Host an event during the 2019 BC Seafood Festival

Event partners are encouraged to register their event now, to ensure maximum exposure and awareness of your event, as part of the largest seafood celebration on Canada’s west coast. Check back in early September to register your event here!

BC Seafood Month Feature

The 2018 BC Seafood Festival offers outstanding advertising opportunities that speak directly to your market. Whether you’re an aquaculture industry or tourism-based business, our comprehensive media partner list offers prime advertising space in publications that can increase exposure and improve your brand awareness at rates only buying power can achieve. Check back later for the 2019 rate sheet.